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LEHP Services

LEHP Helps Medical Professional...

  • Form Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) and Managed Services Organizations (MSOs) Start new practices
  • Design/plan/build their practice spaces
  • Create pleasant and professional environments through interior design and space planning, way-finding, selection of materials and furnishings. Develop buy-in/buy-out and exit strategies
  • Improve upon or grow existing practices
  • Optimize staffing and manage human resources
  • Develop ancillary services
  • Plan service and technology adoptions
  • Negotiate with payers
  • Develop strategic initiatives
  • Design or redesign practice branding and image
  • Create employee benefit plans and solutions
  • Obtain admininstrative services for the needs of the practice
  • Take advantage of online solutions for payroll
  • Plan for retirement, and manage through payroll
  • Protect themselves through insurance in areas of Medical Professional Liability, Government Regulatory Coverage and Cyber Liability