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Upcoming Speaker 6.28.2023

By Jennifer Turner | Posted June 27, 2023

Jon Fowler - Upcoming Speaker

Raleigh – Leading Edge Healthcare Professionals is pleased to announce Jordan Duecker as our guest speaker at our April 26, 2023 convening.

By Jennifer Turner | Posted April 17, 2023

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research (MI) is a think-tank whose mission is to develop and disseminate new ideas that foster greater economic choice and individual responsibility.

Breach Should Be a Four-Letter Word

By Michael Sullivan | Posted January 17, 2019

Most every day it seems a new report emerges about an organization that has been compromised. Making sure you are clear of a breach definition and implementing the strategies it is possible to STOP many breach events.


By Michael Sullivan | Posted January 16, 2019

Dealing with a minor’s medical records can be a mine field when a child is from a blended family or the parents have a contentious divorce going. Let's review the basics.

How Schools are Protecting Against the Flu

By Michael Sullivan | Posted December 18, 2018

This year’s influenza season is among the worst we’ve seen since 2009! Our janitorial member, Anago of the Triangle are some of the best industry experts on protection against spreading the flu. Check out these awesome tips...

Commercial Real Estate Podcast - Medical Space Specialization

By Michael Sullivan | Posted September 7, 2018

Podcast that specializes in commercial real estate for medical practices and their owners.