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Small Businesses Can Drastically Limit Exposure by Having an HR Audit Performed

By Michael Sullivan | Posted September 7, 2018

Small Business Owners have a lot of exposure by not having a HR Professional on staff. Areas of liability include Law Suits, Government Investigations and Potential Loss of Reputation and Clients. There are simple steps that can drastically limit that risk and liability.

Fiduciary Interest of a Client

By Michael Sullivan | Posted June 27, 2018

North Carolina Real Estate Fiduciary Requirement for agents when representing clients.

The Financial Benefits of a Risk Management Audit Action Plan

By Steve Griffin | Posted September 26, 2017

A Risk Management Audit Action Plan will properly evaluate your current risk management controls.

In Retirement, Plan to Make Your Money Last

By Michael Sullivan | Posted March 17, 2017

Planning for retirement is a lifelong process that should begin as soon as you start working and continue throughout your retirement years.

Is it Time for a Practice Assessment?

By Deborah Wilkins | Posted October 12, 2016

An operational assessment and continuous process improvement project is designed to provide the practice with a blueprint for achieving greater efficiency and profitability over the short-term and long-term.

Disability Income Insurance: How Today’s Decisions Impact Tomorrow’s Choices

By Michael Sullivan | Posted July 27, 2015

Busy medical and dental professionals can’t find the time to fully understand key concepts in their policies, and many would be surprised to find how those details could affect them at the time of claim.